The Last Bow

Dear Followers,
This is the last post on maverickonthemove.

We are sorry to bear the sad news of the passing away of Johnson Mathews. He had been battling cancer since February 2017. He breathed his last on 9th November 2017.

This blog meant a lot to him. Even in his last days, it gave him great joy to make us read notifications and comments on his blog. Dadda started his photography journey with a small Yashica camera bought with his first salary. Today, his Nikon D3s and set of lenses are our treasured mementos.

Even in the midst of an ambitious career, he found time for his passion. This last September, he completed 2 years of blogging. And although 221 posts cannot completely summarise his travels – many of his tours are still not made into posts and thousands of photographs still lie unedited- this blog will always remind us of the essence of Johnson – the traveller, the photographer, the maverick on the move.

With lots of love from his wife and two daughters.


52 thoughts on “The Last Bow”

  1. It was shocking. I had been enjoying his work through this blog of lately. Just can’t believe this post. My condolences and strength to the family. Keep his memories afresh always.


  2. My condolences to the members of the Maverick’s family. I enjoyed reading this blog and the travels he wrote about. In my thoughts I had often wondered about the passing of a blog writer and if we would ever know of his/her end. Thank you for enlightening us.

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  3. Always sad when this happened. His photos and post was very interesting, One of my favorite blogs. 😊 Can´t you continue his legacy, and post his unpublished pictures? Maybe difficult if you don´t know something about them, but I think he should appreciate that, if you want to do it and have time and interest of it.

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  4. Although I didn’t comment I very much enjoyed Johnson’s work. It was a glimpse into a world of beauty and grace that I didn’t even know existed. Please accept my condolences. May memories of happier days carry you through the times to come.

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  5. Very sad to learn of his decease and can appreciate that he will be sorely missed. Am glad that I was allowed to share his marvellous photographic record. Thank you for letting us know.


  6. Wow this really hit me. Just read this. No words.

    Prayers and love to his wife and children, friends and loved ones. Johnson will truly be missed here.

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