Eurasian collared dove

Often called simply as collared doves, they breed close to human habitation wherever food resources are abundant and there are trees for nesting. It is a medium sized dove, distinctly smaller than the wood pigeon, similar in length to rock pigeon but slimmer and longer-tailed. The eye is surrounded by a small area of bare skin, which is either white or yellow. The two sexes are virtually indistinguishable and juveniles differ in having a poorly developed collar and a brown iris.









17 thoughts on “Eurasian collared dove”

  1. These are regulars to dine at our bird table where all are welcome. Well, by us anyway, the resident blackbird often takes a different viewpoint as does the robin who pops in for a mealworm snack.

    Several fights around the bird table this year. We have had to make a second area. Feathers are flying, beaks are stabbing and yet when we go out there it’s like butter wouldn’t melt. Sometimes they even do a bit of sweeping whilst they whistle… 😉


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